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Posturology postural correction
Posturology: stop with back pain and joint disorders

Back pain, joint pains, shoulders and neck are often due to incorrect posture. Posturology, using galvanic insoles created by the French orthopedic surgeon Bernard Bricot, allows to eliminate the cause of pains in a gentle and non-invasive way. Ernest Schoenmaker, physiotherapist, naturopath and posturologist speaks about it.
By Cindy Fogliani
About forty years have passed since the orthopedic surgeon Bernard Bricot conceived a non-invasive surgery aimed at correcting the posture of patients, which is now taught in many universities and continually being studied.
"Bricot has devoted himself to the study of an alternative approach because of the sometimes disappointing results obtained with surgical and orthopedic procedures", says the posturologist Ernest Schoenmaker. "And it is no wonder that there are numerous therapies used to combat back pain and joint pain, such as analgesics, anti-inflammatories, manipulations, physiotherapy, surgery, etc. they can bring temporary relief but they do not go to the root of the problem that often lies in a wrong posture. This is why we are often faced with relapses ".
Considering that nine out of ten people have a postural imbalance; in case of back pain, hernia, sciatica, tendinitis, joint pain it may be worth consulting a posturologist. "Posturology is a gentle, non-invasive, easily applicable treatment, and the first results occur after just a few weeks; this avoids surgical operations and drugs, "says Schoenmaker.
In posturology, a careful examination of the posture is carried out first and the therapy is then scheduled. This intervenes on the proprioceptive system, which is a very sophisticated mechanism that supplies the central nervous system with information concerning the biomechanical movement of the body and the physiology of muscles, tendons and joints in relation to the movement performed or to be performed. The most important proprioceptors are eye muscles, feet, chewing muscles and jaw, skin and coccyx.
"If only one propriocettore is disturbed there is no pain but there could be frequent accidents in the athletes. When two proprioceptors are disturbed, pain occurs in physical activity. With three or more disturbed proprioceptors there are permanent pains, "explains Schoenmaker.
They can create proprioceptive disorders "the convergence error" in the eyes, which manifests itself as a result of a blow on the head (even in very tender age); abnormalities in the feet, but also a defective dental occlusion and scars, coccyx and first cost it blocked. These disturbances can affect the possession. This is why the posturologist performs heads that allow us to identify any disturbances to the proprioceptive system.
The therapy generally consists in the prescription of galvanic orthopedic insoles, containing magnets that act on the reflex zones of the feet linked to proprioception and very thin wedges that, working in a reflex manner, change the postural muscular tone. The insoles are soft and thin, suitable for all types of footwear and activities, and must be worn uninterruptedly for about two years; even if the first results, in terms of improvement of the posture and decrease or cessation of the pains will be perceptible already after a few weeks of therapy.
Other interventions are exercises for ocular muscles; and possibly the correction of a faulty occlusion of the teeth with a night worn mouthguard; the treatment of scars with a volatile oil that restores the flow of information; self-handling of the coccyx or the first rib.
"Ocular hyperconvergence is present in all cases of postural problems, and should always be verified after receiving a blow to the head, because, if corrected within a year, the related posture disorder can be corrected in a simple and immediate way ; avoiding future suffering and enormous costs. It can be easily diagnosed by fixing a point 30 centimeters away from the two eyes, and continuing to fix it as it is approached until it touches the nose. If, in following the movement, the eyes are not symmetrical, we are faced with a convergence error. The correction is carried out by performing specific exercises for two minutes twice a day ".
Schoenmaker also remembers that before any dental application to children it is important "to check and eventually correct the posture; because the change in the position of the teeth has an important impact on it. The correction of posture has in turn influenced the position of the teeth. It has been observed that existing scoliosis worsens with the application of a dental appliance ".
"It is a real shame", concludes Schoenmaker, "that this method is not better known and considered.

In fact, it saves a lot of suffering and money by solving the problems definitively and in a sweet and natural way ". Posturology is generally recognized by complementary coverage, and the entire therapeutic process generates a maximum total expenditure of around 1,000 francs.
(Initial costs of Postural Checkup is (around 480,--) CHF. 180,-- - CHF.240,--, and galvanic Insoles CHF .240,--  - 270,-- .

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